This month we are providing 33 lines of market average prices for free to RAI members. This is a representative sample of our comprehensive database that will be available to Treo members from October onwards.

Browse September Prices

Product CategoryProductSizeMarket Ave Price Sept 2020Per Kg/Each PriceOther DetailsLast Year Price Sept 2019Last Year Kg/Each
Prep VegWashed & Peeled9kg€6.50€0.72€7.63
Prep VegBaton Carrot5kg€5.67
Prep VegColeslaw2kg€3.20€1.60€3.77
Prep VegCabbage Green Shredded2kg€2.90€1.45€2.45
Prep VegOnion Red Sliced5kg€15.00€3.00€11.97
FruitStrawberries227g€2.35€10.35€7.46Per Kg
FruitBlackberries125g€2.70€21.60€18.40Per Kg
FruitRaspberries125g€2.10€16.80€17.36Per Kg
FruitBlueberries125g€2.20€17.60€14.24Per Kg
FruitAppleGranny Smith€0.35€0.40
LettuceLolla Rossa12s€9.00.75/each€10.13.84/each
FishCod perPer Kg€11.95
FishHake perPer Kg€9.00
FishJohn Dory perPer Kg€9.50
FishSmoked Mackerel€18.50
FishSmoked Salmon€11.95
AmbientPlain Flour16kg€10.50€0.65Generic Brand
AmbientSugar3kg€3.63€1.20Generic Brand
AmbientKnorr Roast Gravy12ltr€9.00€0.75Knorr
FrozenCroissantEach€0.19Generic Brand
FrozenFrozen Peas4 2.5kg€10.50Generic Brand
FrozenBrioche Burger BunEach€0.34Generic Brand
MeatChicken FilletEach€0.84Non Irish
MeatPork LoinPer Kg€3.82Non Irish
MeatBeef BrisketPer Kg€5.85Irish
DairyGrated White Cheddar2kg€9.50€4.75

The October edition will present a comprehensive list of market average prices for MEMBERS only in the following categories.

  • Fruit&Veg (100 products)
  • Fish (10 products)
  • Ambient (10 products)
  • Frozen (10 products)
  • Meat (10 products)
  • Dairy (5 products)
  • Hygiene (10 products)

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