Welcome to Treo’s Free September Newsletter

Our September Newsletter is free to members and non members and is a sample of what Treo users can expect as paid members. Our October newsletter for paid members will contain a much more comprehensive list of prices and premium features such as supplier insights and tips on how to get real value from your supply options.

Independent Food & Beverage Insights


Welcome to Treo’s first Monthly Newsletter. This month we are giving you a taster of some of the information you can expect to receive as a full member of Treo. Treo tracks market data in a number of different categories to deliver up to date relevant market average pricing to our customers based on trends. As a member of treo, you can also expect to receive tips and information that are relevant to your business as well as supplier insights and articles from industry experts. We hope you find that this month’s information helps you to save time and money and invite you to become a full member of treo for more insight as your business continues to maximise performance during these difficult times..

Market Average Pricing – September 2020

This month we are providing a sample of 33 lines of current market average prices for free to Restaurant Association of Ireland members. Check your latest email from the RAI for details. If you are not an RAI member and interested in seeing this information, send us an email at info@treo.ie to view.

The October edition will present a comprehensive list of up to 150 market average prices for TREO MEMBERS only in the following categories.

  • Fruit&Veg (100 products)
  • Fish (10 products)
  • Ambient (10 products)
  • Frozen (10 products)
  • Meat (10 products)
  • Dairy (5 products)

What’s In Season

Outlets who buy produce during its growing season get the freshest ingredients, best flavour, most nutrition, and lowest prices. Every month, Treo will advise you of what is currently in season in the Irish market informing your menu choices and supplier options.


Treo’s Services

Monthly Newsletter

  • Market Average Prices Treo’s market averages is live data taken from the industry which gives a clear indication of current pricing for you our members.
  • Seasonal Monthly Updates
  • Advice on how to achieve your required margin
  • Market Fluctuations
  • Kitchen Key- live examples & support for your kitchen

Supplier Insights

  • Monthly updates on supplier activity in the market.

Supplier Database

  • One stop shop to identify suppliers in all regions.

Make Your Margin

  • A starter at €7.95 should cost €2.05 to achieve 70%
    Minus VAT @ 13.5% will give a cash margin of €4.95
  • A main at €15.50 should cost no more than €4.00
    Minus VAT @13.5% will give a cash margin of €9.66

Portion Control

Did You Know?

  • 9kg bag of Washed & Peeled = 40 portions approx (16 cent per 225g portion).
  • 5kg of Chunky Chips = 25 portions approx (22 cent per 200g portion).

Rico’s Blackrock

We used Treo recently and on 2 bags of Rocket salad leaves per week we were able to save €240.00 annually. That alone covered the sign up fee!!

Our Services

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Coming in October

The October edition will be a more comprehensive newsletter and will include the following for MEMBERS only.

• Market Average Pricing in the following categories:

  • Fruit&Veg (100 products)
  • Fish (10 products)
  • Ambient (10 products)
  • Frozen (10 products)
  • Meat (10 products)
  • Dairy (5 products)
  • Hygiene (10 products)

• What’s in Season Oct update

• Margin support based on costings (new examples)

• Portion Control (new examples)

• Kitchen Key – live example of kitchen tips which will change monthly