Negotiate to Build a Stronger Relationship

Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way-Daniele Vare, Italian Diplomat We all negotiate every day. Much of our time is spent trying to reach agreement with others. We may try to negotiate in a cooperative spirit but frequently we find ourselves frustrated. We want to get to yes, but often the […]

The Kitchen Key – An Opinion – December 2020

We discuss on a regular basis the kitchen management techniques that are applied in relation to the costs, recipe management, waste, purchasing and menu planning of a food operation. How often do we apply the same detail to the capability of our teams?No single person is an army and the team behind the menu both […]

The Kitchen Key – An Opinion – November 2020

It is pretty obvious that these are challenging times for everyone in the hospitality industry. Lockdown is tough but if you can survive, you can use the experience to thrive. Use any extra time you have to update your business model, get your purchasing in order and ensure that your margins are as profitable as […]

The Kitchen Key, An Opinion. October 2020

We visit a major supermarket or food retail environment in our community at least once per week. Usually our task is a quick in/out or a substantial shop to restock our home larder and fridge/freezer for a time. This journey is almost instinctive, we know where the bread is, we turn without thinking into the […]

The Kitchen Key, An Opinion. September 2020

The 80/20 versus the Menu Matrix. In the past, a minimum selling price was ascertained loosely by a calculated food cost figure, multiply this  by three, apply the required VAT and keep an eye on your labour cost across your rota.  Pick your best sellers and keep these staples on the menu. This is now, and the […]